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UK Space Conference 2011

The UK now has it's own shiny new space agency, and they're about to hold their first conference. There were already several space conferences in the UK each year, but now the UKSA is hosting this one some people expect it will absorb some of the others.

The lineup of speakers for the first UK Space Conference is looking very impressive indeed. With the gracious permission of @IntellectUK, here it is (I think I got everybody!), grouped by affiliation but otherwise in no particular order:

UK Space Agency
- David Williams, Chief Executive
- Emma Lord, Director of Policy and Operations
- Dr David Parker, Director of Technology and Scientific Programmes
- Ann Sta, Director of Growth (Applications and EU Programmes)
- Chris Castelli, Head of the Space Science Group
- Sue Horne, Space Exploration Programme Manager
- Ruth Boumphrey, Head of Earth Observation
- Jeremy Curtis, Head of Education

European Space Agency
- Jean-Jacques Dordain, Director General
- Alan Brunstrom, Applications Ambassador
- Steve Stavrinidis, Head of Mechanical Engineering Department
- Prof Mark McCaughrean, Head of Research & Scientific Support Department
- Dr Steven Briggs, Head of Programme Planning and Coordination Service, Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes
- Magali Vaissiere,

UK Government/Military
- Dr Philip Lee MP, Executive Vice Chair (Education, Skills & Inspiration) of Parliamentary Space Committee
- Rt Hon David Willetts MP, Minister of State for Universities and Science
- Nick Stansfield, Office for Security & Counter Terrorism
- Prof Sir Adrian Smith, BIS Director General Knowledge and Innovation
- Wg Cdr Gerry Doyle, SO1 Air 2, Development Concepts and Doctrine Centre
- Wg Cdr Mark Presley, National Space Security Policy Lead

European Commission
- Paul Weissenberg, Deputy Director General

Technology Strategy Board
- Iain Gray, Chief Executive
- Michael Lawrence, Head of Special Projects
- Tim Just, Lead Technologist (Satellite Navigation)
- Robert Lowson, UK National Contact Point for FP7 Space

National Nuclear Laboratory
- Tom Rice, Business Development Manager

International Space Innovation Centre
- Barbara Ghinelli, Executive Chair
- Mark Hampson, Non Executive Director
- Ian Raper, Earth Observation Hub Manager

National Centre for Earth Observation
- Andy Shaw, Director

- Johnathon Amos, Science Correspondent
- Richard Hollingham, Science Journalist
- Reg Turnill (retired)

- Andy Green, CEO
- Gordon Black, Space Security Manager
- John Davey, Facility Manager ISIC SRU
- Stuart Martin,
- Nick Shave,

- Chris Saunders, Senior Systems Engineer
- Dr Matthew Angling, Fellow
- Dr Rob Scott
- Steve Austin

- Colin Paynter, CEO
- Miranda Mills, UK National Director for Earth Observation, Navigation and Science
- Richard Peckham, Business Development Director UK
- Peter Aspden, UK Marketing Manager for Telecommunications Satellites
- Andrew Stroomer, UK Managing Director (Astrium GEO-Information Services)
- Ronan Wall, Programme Manager
- Adam Taylor, Principal Engineer
- Ian Encke, Business Development (Astrium Satellites)
- Nick Fishwick, Spacecraft Thermal Engineer
- David Mathews

- Prof Sir Martin Sweeting OBE, Executive Chairman
- Matt Perkins, Managing Director
- Richard Brook, Consultant

VEGA Space
- Dr Derek Greer, Chief Operating Officer
- Ed Trollope, Systems Engineer

- Dr Chris Chaloner

Reaction Engines
- Alan Bond, Managing Director
- Mark Hempsell, Future Programmes Director

- Dr Samantha Lavender, Managing Director

- Mike Walsh, Technology Specialist

Avanti Communications Group
- Sean Watherston, Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Finance
- Graham Peters

Clyde Space
- Craig Clark, CEO
- Steve Greenland, UKube-1 Technical Lead

- Zahaan Bharmal, Head of Marketing Operations (Europe, Middle East and Africa)

Octo Telematics
- Andrea Natali, Head of Sales UK

COM DEV Europe
- Rob Goldsmith, Business Development Director

- Rupert Pearce, Senior Vice President
- Pat McDougal, VP of Strategy and Business Development
- Eyal Trachtman, Head of New Programmes

FTI Consulting
- Vicky Pryce, Managing Director

Virgin Galactic
- George Whitesides, CEO and President

Paradigm Services
- Rick Greenwood, Technical Director

Airborne Engineering Limited
- James Macfarlane, Managing Director

Bristol Spaceplanes
- Dave Ashford, Director

- John Higgins CBE, Director General

Newlands Ventures
- Mike Dillon, Managing Director

- Iya Whiteley, Space Psychologist

Steepest Ascent
- James Bowman, Aerospace and Defence Business Development

Fell Systems
- Dr David Robson, Director

University of Birmingham
- Prof Mike Cruise

Cranfield University
- Adrien Doucet, Research Student
- Toivo Hartikainen, Student
- Radim Badsi, Student
- Baptiste Soyer, Student

University of Strathclyde
- Colin McInnes, Director of Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory
- Dr Malcolm Macdonald, Associate Director of Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory
- Alison Gibbings, PhD student

Imperial College
- Prof. David Southwood, Professor of Physics
- Sir Keith O'Nions, Rector
- Zoe Versey, Student

Open University
- Prof Andrew Holland, Director of the CEI
- Prof John Zarnecki, Professor of Space Science
- Nancy Hine, Student
- Charles Cockell,

University of Bath
- Talini Pinto Jayawardena, Research Student

University of Leicester
- Prof Heiko Balzer, Head of Department of Geography

University of Southampton
- Prof Antony Musker,
- Ben Schwarz,
- Adam White,
- Craig Pitcher, Student
- Ulrich Walach, Student

Surrey Space Centre
- Dr Chris Bridges, Research Fellow

University College, London
- Prof. Mark Maslin, Head of the Department of Geography
- Dale Potts,Postgraduate Student
- Roger Duthie, Postgraduate Student
- Phil Guttridge, Head of Electronic Engineering
- Barry Hancock,
- Prof Alan Smith, Centre for Space Medicine

University of Warwick
- Dr William E Crofts,

Kings College, London
- Dr David Green,

BirkBeck College
- Ian Crawford, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Plymouth Marine Laboratory
- Dr Bob Brewin, Research Scientist

- Graeme Taylor, Chair
- Michael Johnson, Director of Space Projects

Science Museum
- Doug Millard, Senior Curator ICT & Space Technology

British Interplanetary Society
- Dr John Becklake, Historian

I'm very happy to see quite a few names I recognise in there, along with some very seriously impressive titles!
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